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​Presents: M&M Live Radio Show

Every Monday and Friday at 5PM tune in to the M&M Live Radio Show - The #1 teen and young adult radio show in the nation for inspiration! Media personalities and teen motivational speakers, Meesa & Meah are on a momentous mission to impact a young, receptive generation. At the ages of 20 and 18, Meesa & Meah are already blazing new trails with their fresh, inspirational radio show, M&M Live Radio, a one hour formatted program which they write, produce and host. “There are many young people out there whom God has blessed with great gifts, we like to encourage them to use their talents for the Kingdom, but most importantly offer them a platform to do so.” -Meesa

“We wanted to offer our generation an alternative source of music that penetrates their hearts and change their way of thinking. We do this by exposing our listeners to music with dope beats that often captivates us as young people, but with lyrics that are morally sound.” -Meah.

Approaching each and every task with great energy and diligence, Meesa & Meah humbly consider it a privilege to expose their listeners to music that’s current and popular but doesn’t lead them to compromise their faith, while at the same time giving many artists the exposure needed to advance their ministry. “Our goal is to prove to our peers that the Kingdom of God has what we need in every area of life, even the music that we love to listen to. As children of God we don’t have to turn to the “world” to entertain us nor do we have to pollute our god-given talents.” -M&M

Remember, The M&M Live Radio can be heard on every Monday and Friday at 5 PM eastern time.​​