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SpotLight Artist is 3B4Jhoy

3B4Jhoy are normal young adults who happen to be sisters with the gift of singing in harmony. 3B4Jhoy's very first performance was on the humble stage of their childhood church. Since that time, they have been privileged to work with amazing singers and musicians. 3B4Jhoy has performed on some of South Florida's most prestigious stages including the famed Adrienne Arsht Center and Miami Heat's own, AAA Arena. Apart from their live performances, the sisters love to record videos and post them online. They are avid YouTubers!!! The 3B4Jhoy channel has over 3 million views and are fast approaching 24,000 subscribers! Some of their other passions include, writing songs, fashion styling, cooking, blogging (yay!), fitness & health, and teaching others how to sing in harmony.

Doobie Powell

Our Program Director had the opportunity to speak with Doobie Powell, who was very grateful that our staff selected him as our featured Gospel Jazz Artist. Doobie's music style and lyrics certainly expressed the Gospel Jazz genre today. Doobie is very confident in the gift God gave him and is very proud to express it through lyrics and music. We invite you to listen careful to the words in his songs as they truly touch the hearts of music lovers especially those of us who love the Jazz and R&B Gospel genre. The history of gospel jazz is the true foundation of all gospel genres, and Doobie Powell is blessed with the gift of having the ability to mix all gospel genres in his music.  

Gospel Jazz Genre

Although some people believe that gospel jazz is a fairly recent type of music, its roots began long before the birth of most other musical forms, and impacted nearly all of them. Gospel jazz, also referred to as the blues, emerged out of the intense emotional experiences endured by downhearted people throughout history. 

During the 18th century, the African slaves who tended the fields of the American South expressed their faith through songs called ‘Negro Spirituals’, which often included heart-wrenching cries, later adopted by the jazz sibling known as the blues. This deeply emotional and improvisational style of music told stories of sorrow that touched the soul of every music genre.

Doobie Powell - Our Featured Gospel Jazz Music Artist


Pam Waters, the single mother of three is living proof that God can use you at anytime, at any age, and any way he chooses. Here's the singer-songwriter's debut gospel single Praise Your Blues Away. A beat dropping, thought provoking lyrical song reminding us all how to use the Word as your weapon and allow the Lord to win your battles.

MadeSacred's purpose has been enveloped in proclaiming the love of Christ to those who are willing to open their hearts, ears, and minds to Christ's life saving message. His eternal love of composing rap music for Christ is stronger than any form of tangible human love he has ever experienced in his life, next only to the love of his wife and baby daughter.

Featured Gospel Artist

Powerhouse Pam Waters was interviewed on InspirationalTalk by Stephen Johnson highlighting her motivation and inspiration in producing 'Praise Your Blues Away'. Stay tuned. TBA


  • Center of My Joy7:39
  • Praise Is What I Do4:43
  • Speak to My Heart6:09
  • Open the Eyes of My Heart4:19
  • Tomorrow4:15
  • We Shall Behold Him6:18
  • Paradise4:48
  • Walk With Me4:37
  • Because of Who You Are5:50
  • I Need You Now4:33
  • Tribute To Lady Wisdom3:29

Featured Gospel Rap Artist

We had the opportunity to communicate with MadeSacred. He has a strong testimony which has been the inspiration for his lyrics. Check out his video.

  • GOSRAP_0276.mp34:31
  • GOSRAP_0277.mp33:38
  • GOSRAP_0279.mp33:38
  • GOSRAP_0280.mp35:13
  • GOSRAP_0282.mp34:12
  • GOSRAP_0283.mp33:35
  • GOSRAP_0284.mp34:28
  • GOSRAP_0287.mp35:23
  • GOSRAP_0288.mp34:08
  • GOSRAP_0290.mp34:14
  • GOSRAP_0291.mp34:46
  • GOSRAP_0292.mp34:00
  • GOSRAP_0293.mp33:55

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